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What is the difference between new creation and born again?


The core meaning is the same with some biblical nuance.

To be Born Again is on an individual level whereas, the New Creation is on a cosmic and eschatological level that is related to the end time plan of God - the new heavens, the new earth and the recreated people of God.

To be Born Again is a personal identification ( 1 Peter 1:23) that leads to a person's change in character to conform to Christ, their desire and willingness to walk in the new nature that has been gifted by the Holy Spirit.

New Creation is related with the change in the cosmos and the people of God as part of the eternal and time bound unfolding of His will. As we read in Gal 1:4 - Paul says, that he has saved us from this present evil age, thereby signifying the bigger picture of salvation-redemption history and not just on a personal level. This “Evil Age” is to be understood in connection with the salvation that is needed for us to be found in his “New Kingdom”.


As the gospel is being preached and taught, people are regenerated or are being born again which transpires into the new creation - the new heavens and earth. As we read in Rev 21, after the New heaven and earth come down, John says that God is dwelling with man and they will be His people and God himself will be with them, which can be understood as the culmination of what Jeremiah prophesied when Yahweh would individually transform His people. 

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