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Churches of Galatia

Galatians. 1:2 reads, “to all the brethren who are with me, To the Churches of Galatia”

It would sound odd to pick something like this and comment on it. It neither seems to have any theological implications, practical advice, nor any word that actually provides any special insight. Even though it is true that such statements wouldn’t make any practical sense to many, these words “to the churches of Galatia”, I believe, of course meant a lot to Paul. Is it because he or his co-workers must have established the church? Well, no, I don’t think Paul’s heart would suffice for a “congregation” just because he started it, like some of our leaders today would deem sufficient.

For Paul, Galatia was a territory he had acquired in divine providence, for the king of kings, Lord of Lords and Elohim of Elohim.

It is clear that all the land of Galatia (the province of Rome) was Gentile in origin and had a deep dark past - I don’t mean wars or injustice alone. I mean these were not under the territory of Yahweh. They were doomed to be destroyed under the wrath of the holy God along with the princes of the territory.

Whether you take the “North Galatian theory” or the “South Galatian theory”, one thing is certain, both were under the destruction of the enemy. But now through the setting of Paul’s feet in the land, divine announcement was come. Divine access had been opened for God to enter the dark land of these lost souls. It was the mercy of God in handing the promises to Abraham centuries ago that reserved these least divinely intervened places to be unleashed by the Holy commandment – The Gospel.

We should therefore praise God along with Paul as we read this epistle. For Paul, this letter and his association with this Church meant cosmic victory. It meant God had extended His kingdom and Paul had been a catalyst and a co-worker in the vineyard of God, in establishing the rule of Christ in this once forsaken land.

Reading Galatians in this view will help see the desire that so profusely pours through every page of this epistle.

Paul’s heart goes out for the people of God, just as Joseph’s heart for His brethren, Moses' for the people of Israel and Jesus' for the world. The plan continued and the One who did everything according to the counsel of His will, struck with complete victory.

We who were once exile in relation to His promises, Land, Kingdom, fathers, and Glory have now been given a privileged access into the presence of the Father through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen!


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