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Why am I here?

This section will be dedicated to portions from the scriptures for meditation and personal reflection. The thoughts of the Holy Spirit will enable one to strengthen their inner man and thereby face life in God's perfect will. May God bless you!

                                              Justified - Romans 4:25
What a great joy to know we have been saved from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, from death to life, from sickness to health and from being a sinner to being justified!
Dear saints of God, we ought to bask in the spiritual realities. Justification is God's declaration that we are Righteous. Justification is not our estimation of ourselves, rather it is the Father's perspective and declaration of us who were once sinners. This is a great gift handed to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Father being pleased in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and shedding of His precious blood, declared us holy and blameless the day we believed the gospel.
As our opening verse informs us, Jesus was delivered [given over through the Father's determinate counsel and plan] for our offenses (Gr. Paraptoma : Offence, deviation from truth, misdeed) and was raised again [by the glory of the Father] for our Justification (declaration that we are righteous before a Holy and Just God).
The Greek word meaning for offences communicates less than what Paul is trying to teach through the book of Romans. The real depth of the offence/sin/unrighteousness (all used synonymously for simplicity sake) spoken of will not be understood till we have read Romans entirely. The entire book will shed immense light on the nature of sin for which Christ was delivered. Now, why is it necessary to understand the depth of our offences or sin? Having a clear picture of sin will enable us to see the magnitude of the Justification of the Father.
We get a peek into the sin in the previous chapters. Paul calls out the sin of the Gentiles (Romans. 1) and the Jews (Romans. 2), and in Chapter 3 verse 9, we read, "...for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin". Paul very clearly declares that both Jew and Gentile are under sin. He then goes on to elaborate the sin in verses 10-18, quoting from the Psalms -
... There is none righteous, vs. 10
... There is none that understandeth, vs 11
... There is none that seeketh after God, vs 11
... They are all become unprofitable, vs 12
... There is none that doeth good, vs 12
 and so on...upto verse 18.
This understanding of our sinful stand before a Holy God necessarily calls for salvation. Praise the Lord for the sacrifice of Jesus, we who were once enemies of the cross have been declared "Holy" "Sons of God" "righteous" "blameless" "sanctified" have been JUSTIFIED before the Father.
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