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let me introduce myself...

I am a born-again person, sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise unto the day of redemption. By the grace of God I am pastoring the body of Christ, along with my wife and son, who are equally partnering in this great Kingdom. A fervent preacher of the gospel to every soul. A teacher in the house of God to bring about full obedience to the faith, equipping of the saints, and keeper of the vineyard from wild beasts.

I truly love the world just as God loves the world. Love and truth go hand-in-hand, therefore I endeavor by the power of God to make His truth known without compromise and to lead His flock into complete relation with this Lord, in faith and love.

I was born in a christian family, and was always surrounded by godly people. I thank God for such a privilege. Heard all the stories of the men of faith, read the scriptures and found out salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my testimony that all those that seek Him diligently, will never be turned down and will surely find Him.

My parents played a vital role in keeping a godly scriptural atmosphere in the house, and for many this would mean 'restriction' 'lack of freedom' etc., I found this to be the perfect model of a house according to scriptures. Why waste a great part of your life in the world only to find out it was given so you could find the truth and live by it. Most people and especially today's christian youth, by the time they discover this truth it becomes too late to work for the Lord.

May the information presented here in this website be graced by the Holy Spirit and imparted to His saints. Come Lord Jesus, who will judge all men without respect of persons.

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